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How long does it take to make a rug?

This depandens on how detailed is the design you choosed, and how comfortable you are with controling the gun.

On average:

Mini : 1hrs

Small :1~2hrs

Medium : 2~hrs

Is there an age limit for tufting?

Yes, and no! kids are welcomed!

However, children under 13 years old must accompained by an adult. If you want more information about our kids’ parties, please call us at 615-218-8270.

Do I need to make a reservation? Walk-ins?

Sure! But we recommend booking in advance to ensure you have a saved seat. If our slots are sold out, we won’t have a seat for you and we’ll feel bad!

What kind of design can I choose ?

Technically, you can make anything you want; however, we recommend something easier with less details for first timers. Bigger frame can entail more details !

Acrylic Pouring Bear

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How many colors can I use?

up to 3 colors for pouring, and no limit on painting.

Size & Pricing?

We have different shapes, and sizes!

7cm : $15

23cm : $45

33cm : $55

What is a Acrylic pouring bear?

Acrylic pouring is a wonderful liquid painting method in which the acrylic paint is poured into each other on a bear. Fun and relax experience, suitable for all ages!

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